Whats new with AndroSeries v3?

Its been nearly a year since the initial release of the AndroSeries products, yet we are back with major changes, outdoing ourselves all over again.

We hope you enjoy all the improvements of AndroSeries v3.

Major improvements for ALL products:

  1. Once per day dosing: Semi-solid liquid delivers timed released androgens for convenient dosing.
  2. Reduced testicular shrinkage: 24hr timed release effect mimics the body’s natural androgen release. This reduces testicular shutdown and improves recovery time.
  3. No lethargy or brain-fog: We improved the ratio of GABAergic isomers to eliminate the occurrence of general "tiredness" and "lethargy" reported by certain AndroHard and AndroMass users.
  4. Improved retention of libido: The improved ratio of GABAergic isomers, and removal of Super-1-DHEA  supports a more normalized libido. (AndroMass & AndroHard)
  5. Increased correlation of "Testosterone equivalent" to real world results: Case reports of AndroSeries v3 revealed a strong correlation to our re-calculated "testosterone equivalent" values.
  6. Safety data backed by comprehensive blood data:  Over 15 healthy male subjects where recruited for 4-8 week cycles of the AndroSeries v3 products for comprehensive pre, during and post blood analyses. (e.g. liver, kidney, cholesterol, metabolic function, etc) Full case reports can be found on the product pages.
  7. Eliminated/reduced post dose nausea: Previous generation of AndroSeries v2 had a 5-10% likelihood of causing immediate nausea or vomiting for individuals sensitive to the grapefruit content. Now, AndroSeries v3 contains a timed-release dose of organic grapefruit, showing elimination of negative reactions in sensitive individuals.

Additional  improvements for specific products:

  1. AndroLean: New AndroLean is up to 4x stronger than the previous version. The addition of high dosed 11-oxo-testosterone (Super-11-DHEA) dramatically increases the anabolic potency, while 2x more Super-7-DHEA enhances the thermogenic power.
  2. AndroHard: New AndroHard has 2x more active ingredient than the previous version. The balanced mix of GABAergic isomers of epiandrosterone and androsterone for eliminates feelings of  "tiredness" and "lethargy" — while enhancing mental clarity and aggression.
  3. AndroMass: New AndroMass is up 2x stronger than the previous version. The balanced mix of GABAergic isomers of epiandrosterone and androsterone for eliminates feelings of "tiredness" and "lethargy" — while enhancing mental clarity and aggression.

New "Testosterone Equivalent" values:

For simplicity sake we have calculated the activity of all the AndroSeries products in "testosterone equivalents" — which represents the total combined androgenic, anabolic and estrogenic bio-activity for the 24hr period.

We chose "testosterone equivalents"  for AndroSeries products because it can be easily comprehended and compared to other forms of testosterone  — Even though testosterone is not the main mechanism by which the AndroSeries products work. Remember, there are dozens of androgens in the body which function very similar to testosterone, and these are the androgens that are responsible for the effects of the AndroSeries.  (e.g. androstenedione, androstenediol, ect)

The following values have been established per softgel –

  • AndroDrive – 217 ng/dL
  • AndroHard – 375 ng/dL
  • AndroLean – 334 ng/dL
  • AndroMass – 450 ng/dL
  • AndroBulk – 450 ng/dL

Keep in mind, this testosterone equivalent value does not tell you how androgenic, anabolic or estrogenic each product is in relation to each other. It is only a general average of "testosterone-like" effects. If you would like to see how the effects of each AndroSeries compares, please visit our AndroSeries comparison page here – AndroSeries Effects Chart

New AndroStat & AndroStacker:

To help you find out your current testosterone level, we built the AndroStat.

Once you get your testosterone levels, begin to build the perfect stack with the AndroStacker.


We've taken the "testosterone equivalent" values of our AndroSeries products and built them into the AndroStacker program. This allows you to build a stack of AndroSeries products and see the benefits, side-effects and "androgen zone" — so you can make sure you are taking the optimal dose for your custom goals with minimal side-effects.



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Leading the Steroid Revolution

Leading the Steroid Revolution

What makes a steroid revolution?

As a general rule, if you are 100% better at something, you are evolutionary. If you are 1,000% better, you are revolutionary.

Since the mid 90’s, we’ve seen a number of companies bring evolutionary products to the market, including Biotest, Ergopharm, Molecular Nutrition and many others along the way. However, nothing has quite been revolutionary, nor have we seen much development since the major “pro-hormone” ban in 2004.

Technologically our new delivery system is going to be about 10x better than our previous version of Liqua-Vade, making the AndroSeries easily 1,000% better than its predecessors or the nearest competition. This technology allows the specifically chosen natural steroids to be delivered orally at a rate of 75-85% — with biological effects calculated down to the milligram – so we can predict the exact effects relative to actual injectable steroids.

But the fuel behind the fire is more than just technology – there is ideology.

Steroids for the Heart, Mind & Muscle

Our definition of a “steroid” is a hormone that is naturally produced by the body. We aren’t talking about synthetic chemically modified steroids – like the toxic methylated steroids that are almost single handedly responsible for creating the negative stigma around the word “steroid”. We are talking about natural steroids, and don’t forget, testosterone is a steroid.

Now forget the media’s spin of the word “steroid” and consider ours –

Steroids for the Heart, Mind and Muscle

The phrase could be taken literally if you like. However, our definition is more abstract. We chose to define it with timeless human attributes –

Heart = Honorable, warm and spirited.
Mind = Logical, purposeful and dignified
Muscle = Rugged, independent and powerful

To us, this is the true definition of a Testosterone fueled man – which anyone can willfully become.

But let me make something very clear.

We aren’t saying that steroids will give you these qualities. No, that would be obscene. We only hope that the statement will inspire you to fulfill these qualities – as a moral reminder, each time you face a challenge, opportunity or reward.

Steroids saving America

Vice President Joe Biden testifying before congress on steroids, a qyote from the movie Bigger, Stronger, Faster: “There is something un-American about this.”  What America has this man been residing in?

Senator Joe Biden once said steroids are “un-American”.

What America was he talking about?

Steroids are the sovereign juice that fueled the formation of America. If it wasn’t for the testosterone pulsing through the veins of the Patriots, the American Revolution never would have happened. It’s testosterone that fuels the hard working blue collar American – it fuels us during a time of recession and difficult times – and fuels us to get back up again.

If anything, this nation is currently a little short on steroids. We are in a time where testosterone levels have continued to decline each and every decade — while depression, sexual impotence and obesity related diseases continue to increase.

Are steroids going to save us?

They already are.

Obesity, diabetes, impotence, depression, and muscle wasting diseases — all being treated with steroids. (1-4)

Perhaps the slogan “Steroids for the Heart, Mind and Muscle” was a literal statement after all – Or perhaps it’s something bigger – Perhaps it’s the beginning of a steroid revolution.

References –

1. Breaking the vicious circle of obesity: the metabolic syndrome and low testosterone by administration of testosterone to a young man with morbid obesity.
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