Who is Primordial Performance?

Who We Are –

We realize that starting a supplement company really isn’t that special. 

Any person with a couple thousand bucks could start a supplement company in their garage if they wanted too. These are the same companies that grab the cheapest powders they can possibly find from China and throw them into capsules and tubs. This type of company usually has zero testing , QC or understanding of their products – and when something goes wrong it gives the entire industry a bad name. 

We are the people who would go broke and run ourselves out of business to produce quality at all costs. In fact, as I write this, we are sitting several hundred thousand dollars in the hole – all because we invested every last cent into making the AndroSeries (and past projects) the best we possibly could.

We stick to the highest quality ingredients and stay mindful of the important things: identity, purity, natural, organic**, kosher, sugar free, pesticide free, heavy metal free, etc.

** Not everything we sell is organic, but when we can, we do.

At least you will know that if we go out of business it wasn’t from bad products – it would be from an obsession with only providing the greatest.

Here are some things we are proud of –


  • Producing the industry’s highest quality steroid products since 2006
  • “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)  Better Business Bureau
  • Up to a 150% Money Back Guarantee (w/ less than 0.1% return rate)
  • More than 25% customer loyalty (multiple purchases)
  • Nominated for new brand of the year by bodybuilding.com


  • Sponsoring and contributing to over 12 major bodybuilding and health fitness forums

Technological Achievements

  • Liqua-Vade HTC (2011)
  • Liqua-Vade Oral Delivery System (2009)
  • OHV Topical Delivery System (2006)

Products of Passion –

We take our work very seriously. 

Everything we do is dedicated to making the best and then making it even better.

We are on top of the research, technology and quality. We are real people who live and breathe to bring you legal and natural steroid hormones, amino acids, phyto-nutrients and other cool nutraceuticals.

We put great craftsmanship into the design of our products. Each and every product is backed by 100’s of hours of heart and soul. 

Custom Manufacturing –

Our in-house manufacturing facility allows us to have tight control of our quality, while giving us the ability to produce high-end specialty formulations and rapid product improvements.

In case you’re wondering why our products are more expensive than our nearest competitor, it’s because the raw cost of our products exceeds the norm by about 3-4 times – and for good reason.

For instance, the cost on our AndroMass just in raw materials is $57.00. That’s unheard of in this industry. Maybe it’s nothing to be proud of, but at least you know you get what you pay for. 


Other Companies Primordial Performance
Average $4.00 cost Average $15.58 cost
Average $35.00 retail Average $39.80 retail

Our Relationship with YOU –

We have a love/hate relationship with our customers.

We hate it when our customers make us work so hard – always wanting the latest and greatest and wanting it delivered fast which means we will always be a slave trying to fulfill great expectations. 

But we love the customer when we get an email like this –

"I just want to thank Primordial Performance for producing the best products in the industry which have completely transformed my body. Your customer service, educational info and dedication to quality is second to none. My life is changed and I owe it all to you guys. Thank you."

This makes it all worthwhile – the 90hr work weeks, the formulation challenges, the financial struggles, and the demanding and angry customers.

Door Wide Open –

Right now, you could get on our forum and give your full honest opinion of Primordial Performance – good or bad – and anybody can read it.

And as long as you don’t completely spam our forum with overt pornography and profanity you can say whatever you like — We have a non-censor policy because we only want real honest feedback on our forums.

Have a comment, question or complaint?

Just call, email or jump on live chat – we are always available.

Heck you could even stop by our facility.***

*** We charge $10/person to see the genetic monster Matt Porter live and in-person.

Invest in Us –

Your support and repeat business allows us to continue bringing out excellent products.

The profit we make from our sales goes right back into R&D, educational material, superior customer service, and infrastructure improvements. 

Our goals have been, and always will be –

  1. To make sure you love our products.

    We understand that word of mouth is still king. The more you love our products, the more likely you will tell your friends and family and continue to buy from us. We understand that your satisfaction is the very core of our business, and we hold it in the highest regard.

  2. To become your #1 source for hormone supporting products.

    We strive to provide the best steroidal and hormone optimizing products – with quality that you can trust.

  3. To bring you safe and honest advice.

    We seek out the most knowledgeable representatives and customer service agents to make sure you get good honest advice – even if it doesn’t involve buying our products. 

Eric Potratz, The Early Days – 

To understand the company’s mission, it’s important to understand my personal mission – 

My passion for the science and development of hormone based products started many years ago. I was a local consultant and frequent user of the original pro-hormones that were released in the late 1990’s, and eventually the methylated oral steroids that started to appear on the supplement market in 2003. 

At the time. I personally felt immune to the side effects even though I was educated on them and warned others about them. I was big, strong and fearless – because that’s the way steroids make you feel.

After several years of cycling and hearing the scrutiny from my mother I figured I would get a quick health screening, just to prove that I was healthy and there was nothing to be concerned about.

In 2004, I visited a local pharmacy for a basic cholesterol screening. I was aware of the fact that methylated steroids where bad on cholesterol levels, so I decided to check my cholesterol and really put my health to the test. I really didn’t expect the results to be too bad; after all, I was taking my fish oil.

What happened next was a crystalizing moment for me –

 "Mr. Potratz, your results are in" – said the pharmacist.

She continued…

"We are very concerned about the results. I have never seen this before, but your HDL values where undetectable and your LDL is over 190. This puts you at a very high risk of heart disease. Whatever you are using, you need to stop using, because it’s going to give you a heart attack."

Diet, exercise and fish oil weren’t going to fix this problem – I was already eating clean and working out daily. The methylated steroids essentially ruined my cholesterol levels. I immediately realized it was time to get off.

I got started right away on my post cycle therapy (PCT). Back then, estrogen was considered the evil culprit and SERM’s were considered the only way to recover so I started taking Clomid and various anti-estrogens over the course of the next few months in an attempt to get my testosterone levels back up. Anti-estrogens like ATD, 6-OXO, and formestane were popular for their supposed ability to crush estrogen levels – but as I would learn, these were very poor methods for PCT. 

After several months on the above protocol, things only got worse…

I started noticing that my erections weren’t as hard, and my sexual desire and sensitivity was lacking, and my cholesterol values were not recovering. I also found myself emotionally unstable – presumably from the Clomid. This basically wrecked my sex life. Impotence in your early 20’s is like getting a cancer diagnosis. It feels like your life is over.* 

Over the course of all this, I learned two important things –

1. It’s easy to assume that most steroids are safe because most side-effects aren’t obvious. 

2. Not all steroids are created equal. Methylated steroids are unnatural and much more dangerous than naturally occurring steroids. I decided to dedicate my life to designing safer and smarter steroids (and better methods to recover from steroids)

Thus in 2006, Primordial Performance was born, debuting the safe and natural topical steroid formula Dermacrine –

*Don’t worry, the impotence is gone now.

Are you Ready for the Andro Series?

The release of the Andro Series Project is right around the corner and is going to be a steroidal breakthrough in the supplement industry. Each compound is a Metabolic Steroid and will elicit a host of effects such as; improved metabolic rate for losing body fat, increased anabolism for accruing lean muscle mass, heightened sexual prowess for intimacy, and improved self-confidence. What there won’t be are numerous hazardous side effects that are commonly seen with the current line of designer steroids and illegal anabolic steroids. The Andro Series has been meticulously formulated to avoid excessive stress on the liver, kidneys and heart. However, please don’t mistake a lack of side effects for a lack of results. Delivery is everything when it comes to a product being active and effective, and we have established the best in oral delivery and bio-availability.

Stack AndroMASS with AndroHARD for extreme muscular weight gain

I would like to prepare you for how to optimize and maximize your experience when incorporating the Andro Series products into your nutrition and training regimen. I would advise anyone who has experienced a training layoff due to injury, illness or laziness to first get back into the swing of things before utilizing hormonal supplementation. You will be growing regardless so it would give Andro Series a false sense of effectiveness. Once you have hit a training and nutrition plateau then it is time to implement a steroid cycle. Depending on your goals, whether it is ultimate muscle gain or extreme fat-loss you must choose the proper products to accommodate your target goal. For extreme muscular weight gain, stacking Andro Mass with Andro Hard would provide an ideal hormonal environment. The Andro Mass would be the “meat and potatoes” of the stack, yielding high conversions to Testosterone and DihydroBoldenone. Testosterone needs no description as it is the most widely used steroid available. It is known to enhance muscle mass, increase fat-loss, and raise sex drive. DihydroBoldenone is a 5-aplha-reduced form of the steroid boldenone. It elicits mild androgenic traits and is a potent anabolic. It has been reported to bind aggressively to the androgen receptor eliciting minimal androgenic side effects and substantial transcriptional gene activity that induces extreme muscle growth. The Andro Hard will convert into DHT at a high rate, so androgenic effects will be achieved. Andro Hard displays powerful characteristics such as: an increase in strength, sex drive, and mental focus for rigorous training sessions.

AndroMASS will induce –

  • High anabolic activity
  • No toxic side effects
  • Increased muscle hardness
  • Muscular weight gain
  • Superior delivery of hormones

AndroHARD will induce –

  • Profound vascularity
  • Gyno protection
  • Magnified sex drive
  • Increased aggression
  • Superior delivery of hormones

What is the optimal nutrition plan for this mass gaining cycle?

Now that you know how these 2 products can help you in your plight for extreme mass gaining, it is on you to implement proper training and nutrition to potentiate the effects of the steroid cycle. I will not expand too much on the nutritional aspect of utilizing this stack for muscular weight gain, but I will briefly touch base on a few key dieting recommendations. Make sure to structure your meals and plan ahead so you can stay consistent with no excuses. Create a nutrition plan that coincides with your body type. Meaning, if you are an ectomorph, you can get by with a higher influx of carbohydrates (400-600 grams) and dietary fat than an endomorphic body type. The mesomorph and endomorph would benefit greatly from a modest allotment of quality carbohydrates (150-300 grams) and using essential fatty acids for their fat sources. All body types would need to adjust their protein intake depending on body weight and their carbohydrate and dietary fat requirements. A good rule of thumb for mass gaining is to ingest 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight. You may ask, “Why only 1.5 grams?” That is because you have adequate fat and carbohydrates to spare the protein.

Which body type are you?

Next, we will go over the goal of extreme fat-loss. Andro Hard stacked with Andro Lean would be the weapons of choice to accomplish such a goal. The Andro Lean is equipped with Super-7-Dhea, which will increase fat loss 3 times more than diet and exercise alone. Super-7-Dhea will increase fat oxidation through the mitochondria from increased thyroid output from elevated T3 levels. However, thyroid stimulating hormone and T4 levels will remain unchanged, so thyroid suppression is not an issue. Super-5-Dhea is also included to keep testosterone levels elevated for muscle preservation and increased sex drive when going on a reduced calorie diet. The ectomorph body type once again can have more liberty with their carbohydrate allotment (200-300 grams) while cutting, but keep dietary fat lower so calories are in a deficit. Cardio is usually something ectomorphs don’t have to worry about, but for general health, it is recommended 3-4 times a week for at least 20 minutes. The mesomorph would diet best on medium to low carbohydrates (100-200 grams) incorporated around training, while ingesting protein with essential fatty acids at other meals of the day. Cardio performed 5 times a week, starting at 20 minutes a day is recommended. The endomorphic body type usually responds well to very low carbohydrate intake (30-75 grams) while keeping essential fatty acids in the diet. Cardio will be a key factor in getting lean with endomorph’s, so I would recommend starting off with 30 minutes a day, 6-7 times a week. When starting a cutting phase, protein intake should get ramped up since carbohydrates and fats are reduced. I recommend 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight and adjust accordingly from there. As far as weight training is concerned, I like to see people whether dieting or bulking to base their workouts around basic free weight movements. Squats, (back and front) dead lifts, (all variations) Incline barbell and dumb bell bench presses, standing barbell curls, and bent over barbell rows should all be staples if you have no injuries inhibiting you from executing such crucial exercises.

AndroLEAN will induce –

  • Increased active thyroid output (T3)
  • Increased fatty acid uncoupling
  • Mild conversions to testosterone
  • Non stimulant thermogenesis
  • Superior delivery of hormones

It should be no surprise that having your Post Cycle Therapy planned ahead of time is always recommended. You should never start a steroid cycle without having all ancillary products and post cycle products in your possession from the beginning. There are some very effective products that stand out when choosing a proper PCT protocol. If you choose a pharmaceutical, Toremifene would be a good choice. D-aspartic-acid also has proven itself effective alongside a natural SERM-like supplement, such as Trans-Resveratrol. I would recommend running your Post Cycle Therapy for at least 4 weeks to ensure adequate recovery of natural hormones.

Toremifene molecular structure shown above:

In closing, please understand that you need to plan your steroid cycles carefully and never go into it and “wing it.” Plot out your nutrition protocol, training regimen, and PCT accordingly. Keep in mind you are suppressing your endogenous production of natural hormones so make the absolute most of your next cycle.


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