The AndroStat and why it matters

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What is the AndroStat?

The AndroStat is a questionnaire designed to estimate your average total testosterone level.

It has proven to be exceptionally accurate for predicting the average total testosterone levels in men — being anywhere from 80-100% correlated to lab values for most men.

In fact, we predict that the AndroStat can give a more accurate assessment of your average monthly total testosterone level than a single blood test from the lab.

How can the AndroStat be more accurate than a blood test?

Simply because a blood test is not a true representation of your average monthly or daily testosterone levels. Rather, a single blood test only represents your testosterone level at that very moment.

Research shows that testosterone varies by as much as 25% throughout the day, or possibly even more given physiological or environmental influences. (43,44) For instance, very few individuals enjoy blood tests, and some can become quite anxiety ridden even thinking about blood tests — which can quickly reduce testosterone by causing an immediate surge in stress hormones.

Things that can immediately influence blood testosterone levels include –

  • Stress/anxiety associated with the test itself
  • Quality of sleep from the night before
  • Drug use
  • Exercise
  • Meals

Any of these factors can negatively influence testosterone levels and give a result that is not truly representational of your average daily testosterone levels.

How does the AndroStat estimate total testosterone levels?

The AndroStat calculates total testosterone levels based on data gathered from dozens of studies, including thousands of men. It takes into account a large number of testosterone altering variables including age, body composition, BMI, smoking, exercise, stress, socioeconomic status, etc. The data from the studies was combined in to a mathematical equation that make up the power formula behind the AndroStat. (1-24)

During the development of the AndroStat, we had our AndroSeries v3 product testers (15+) and a number of volunteers complete the questionnaire, and verified the results against their actual blood values for total testosterone. We used this random sampling to verify and calibrate the AndroStat formula for a high degree of accuracy.

Editorial note: Id like to give special credit to Ken Hess, who painstakingly cross examined dozens of research papers to find the strongest correlates for predicting total testosterone levels.

What does the AndroStat have to do with AndroSeries products?

Knowing your testosterone levels helps determine the optimal dose for AndroSeries products.

For instance, men with low androgens (e.g. testosterone) will naturally get more benefit from a lower dose — partly because they are more sensitive to the effects of androgens — and they don’t need as high of a dose to surpass the androgen threshold.

On the other hand, men with higher androgen levels will require a higher dose to see the same dramatic benefits — partly because they are accustomed to the effects of high/normal androgens — and they need a higher dose to surpass the androgen threshold.

NOTE: Many of the immediate effects, like increased sex drive or aggression may not be noticeable to a man with high androgen levels — as these aspects may already be optimized, where further androgens may offer no additional benefit. However, these men can still reap physical benefits from androgen supplementation. These are considered the long-term benefits from androgens.

What is the "androgen threshold"?

The "androgen threshold" is the amount you need to boost your androgen levels in order to see significant improvements in body composition and strength. (25-27)

Research shows that androgen levels (e.g. testosterone) must increase by 1000-1300ng/dl above your current level, to increase lean body mass by 10%, drop total body fat by 10%, and increase strength by 30%. (25-27) This research is based on androgen supplementation for a 16 week period, with no dietary or training intervention. However, research suggests that combining androgens with exercise and dietary intervention can accelerate the achievement of these results. (28-30)

Consider this example subject –

Beginning stats

  • 175lbs with 500ng/dL total testosterone
  • 35lbs body fat (20%)
  • 140lbs lean body mass (80%)

Subject increases his androgen levels to 2700ng/dL (6 softgels of AndroMass for 8 weeks)

Stats after 8 weeks on AndroMass

  • 186lbs with 2700ng/dL Testosterone
  • 32lbs body fat (17%)
  • 154lbs lean body mass (83%)

Therefore, since this subject increased his androgen levels by 2200ng/dL above his natural androgen level the subject was able to reduce his body fat by about 9% and increase his lean body mass by about 10%. These results may be considered normal results from an 8 week cycle of AndroMass combined with resistance training and a lean muscle promoting diet.

I got my AndroStat results, but what do they mean?

Please refer to the Your Testosterone Levels — Killing or helping you? article for interpretation of your testosterone levels.

How much will the AndroSeries products increase my "testosterone"?

AndroSeries products are rated based on "testosterone equivalent" values. This value represents the total combined androgenic, anabolic and estrogenic bio-activity for the 24hr period.

In other words, we have gone through the painstaking effort to calculate the power of each AndroSeries pill relative to its total "testosterone-like" activity.

Here are the "testosterone equivalent" values established for the AndroSeries products –

  • AndroDrive – 217 ng/dL
  • AndroHard – 375 ng/dL
  • AndroLean – 334 ng/dL
  • AndroMass – 450 ng/dL
  • AndroBulk – 450 ng/dL

The reason for using a "testosterone equivalent" value is to give a realistic expectation of results and effects that will be noticed relative to other popular forms of testosterone, such as injectable, topical or oral testosterone. It is important to note; AndroSeries products do not work by increasing testosterone levels alone. Rather, AndroSeries exert most of their effects by converting to other androgens which have similar effects as testosterone — resulting in similar effects on the body. (31-42)

Finally, these values only represent TOTAL combined androgenic, anabolic and estrogenic effects. Remember, each AndroSeries product has a different ratio of androgenic, anabolic and estrogenic effects — as seen here in the AndroSeries Effects Chart.

How do I determine proper dosages for AndroSeries products?

Just fill out the AndroStat, and get linked to the AndroStacker to start building your AndroSeries stack. Your testosterone level is automatically filled in. If you already tested you can link back to the AndroStacker from your email.

Simply click on the items you want to use, and adjust the dosage and cycle length until your desired cycle is created. Click buy. Done!

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