Post-Exercise Protein Consumption is Mandatory

In order to gain muscle, you MUST undergo intense resistance training.  In order to gain muscle, you MUST consume protein to re-build muscle tissue.

These two variables work synergistically with each other and to maximize your chances of gaining lean muscle tissue you simply must consume protein alongside a resistance training routine.

The timing of protein ingestion is a highly debatable subject and has been unresolved as to whether precise timing is truly essential for measureable repair/growth opposed to simply consuming enough protein at other times of the day.

A very interesting study was conducted that investigated whether immediate protein consumption or a 2-hour delayed protein consumption had measureable impact on muscle hypertrophy and strength.

13 men with a body mass index (BMI) of 25 ± 1 kg m− 2 (means ± SEM) completed a 12-week resistance training program, training 3 times a week receiving oral protein in liquid form (10 g protein, 7 g carbohydrate, 3 g fat) immediately post workout, OR 2 hours post workout.

Scientists examined muscle hypertrophy by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and from muscle biopsies and muscle strength was examined using dynamic and isokinetic strength measurements. They also measured body composition from dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) and food records were recorded over 4 days. 

They also measured insulin response to protein supplementation.  Here are the exciting and convincing results after this experiment was concluded –

  • Cross-sectional area of m. quadriceps femoris (54.6 ± 0.5–58.3 ± 0.5 cm2) and mean fiber area (4047 ± 320–5019 ± 615 μ m2) increased in the P0 group (liquid protein post-exercise group)

  • No significant increase was observed in the 2-hour delayed group

  • Dynamic & isokinetic strength increased by 46% & 15%, respectively (liquid protein post-exercise group)

  • The 2-hour delayed group ONLY improved dynamic strength by 36%

  • No differences in glucose or insulin response were observed between protein intake at 0 and 2 h post-exercise.

 This phenomenal study proves the significance of ingesting a fast acting protein supplement such as; whey protein isolate immediately post-exercise for initiating muscle hypertrophy.



1.) B Esmarck,J L Andersen*S Olsen, E A Richter†, M Mizuno, Timing of postexercise protein intake is important for muscle hypertrophy with resistance training in elderly humans. 

August 15, 2001 The Journal of Physiology, 535, 301-311. 

6 Responses to Post-Exercise Protein Consumption is Mandatory

  1. BigBlackGuy says:

    Wow that's pretty interesting.  The 2 hour window theory is totally thrown out the… window… by this study.

  2. nickmorgan says:

     so i use n.o shotgun mhf and n.o synthesize, each have twenty grams of protien, one is pre workout the other intra and post. should i consume more protien like a protien bar or shake as well?

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