Leading the Steroid Revolution

Leading the Steroid Revolution

What makes a steroid revolution?

As a general rule, if you are 100% better at something, you are evolutionary. If you are 1,000% better, you are revolutionary.

Since the mid 90’s, we’ve seen a number of companies bring evolutionary products to the market, including Biotest, Ergopharm, Molecular Nutrition and many others along the way. However, nothing has quite been revolutionary, nor have we seen much development since the major “pro-hormone” ban in 2004.

Technologically our new delivery system is going to be about 10x better than our previous version of Liqua-Vade, making the AndroSeries easily 1,000% better than its predecessors or the nearest competition. This technology allows the specifically chosen natural steroids to be delivered orally at a rate of 75-85% — with biological effects calculated down to the milligram – so we can predict the exact effects relative to actual injectable steroids.

But the fuel behind the fire is more than just technology – there is ideology.

Steroids for the Heart, Mind & Muscle

Our definition of a “steroid” is a hormone that is naturally produced by the body. We aren’t talking about synthetic chemically modified steroids – like the toxic methylated steroids that are almost single handedly responsible for creating the negative stigma around the word “steroid”. We are talking about natural steroids, and don’t forget, testosterone is a steroid.

Now forget the media’s spin of the word “steroid” and consider ours –

Steroids for the Heart, Mind and Muscle

The phrase could be taken literally if you like. However, our definition is more abstract. We chose to define it with timeless human attributes –

Heart = Honorable, warm and spirited.
Mind = Logical, purposeful and dignified
Muscle = Rugged, independent and powerful

To us, this is the true definition of a Testosterone fueled man – which anyone can willfully become.

But let me make something very clear.

We aren’t saying that steroids will give you these qualities. No, that would be obscene. We only hope that the statement will inspire you to fulfill these qualities – as a moral reminder, each time you face a challenge, opportunity or reward.

Steroids saving America

Vice President Joe Biden testifying before congress on steroids, a qyote from the movie Bigger, Stronger, Faster: “There is something un-American about this.”  What America has this man been residing in?

Senator Joe Biden once said steroids are “un-American”.

What America was he talking about?

Steroids are the sovereign juice that fueled the formation of America. If it wasn’t for the testosterone pulsing through the veins of the Patriots, the American Revolution never would have happened. It’s testosterone that fuels the hard working blue collar American – it fuels us during a time of recession and difficult times – and fuels us to get back up again.

If anything, this nation is currently a little short on steroids. We are in a time where testosterone levels have continued to decline each and every decade — while depression, sexual impotence and obesity related diseases continue to increase.

Are steroids going to save us?

They already are.

Obesity, diabetes, impotence, depression, and muscle wasting diseases — all being treated with steroids. (1-4)

Perhaps the slogan “Steroids for the Heart, Mind and Muscle” was a literal statement after all – Or perhaps it’s something bigger – Perhaps it’s the beginning of a steroid revolution.

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5 Responses to Leading the Steroid Revolution

  1. redhulk22 says:

    Lovely read Eric. Very inspiring and motivational. I have a deeper and better understanding of your vision and I back up your ideas, products and company 100%.

  2. Swole805 says:


  3. macdon1588 says:

    Eric, I just want that I really admire your integrity and the company mission. I support the company as much as I can and I am so happy to see you and your team over come the adversity that you did in order to bring this revolution to the market.
    When I realized that I had to make a path to change in my life I knew that the information available in the conventional mainline information stream was a road to no where. The better shape I got in, the more I had to read about fitness and biology to help get to the next step. At some point or another, if a person is serious about their efforts, he comes to the understanding that male fitness comes down to maintaining good nutrition and hormal balance.
    That’s when a guy a reads about steroids for the first time. You read about the benifits and the effectiveness and it blows you out of the water. If you have been lifting regularly for a couple of years, you fantasize about what it would be like to pick up two years of muscle as quickly and safely as these drugs offer. The safety of them makes you wonder why they aren’t avaible everywhere.
    Then you remember the FDA, “big pharma” and the profit motive. Their hypocracy makes me sick to my stomach. You look at the money that gets tossed around just to lobby congress to out law things and it makes you fighting mad. The best example that everyone should learn about is ephedrine. Here is a drug that is so “dangerous” that laws were passed to keep it off the market, but yet can still be bought in OTC medications produced by big pharma.
    I am in oil and gas so I know how over whelming all of the regulations that must be followed can be. It makes it nearly impossible to bring new products to market, so to see you get all of your bases covered is amazing and honorable. It’s noble to see a person take a stand with some much integrity and competence. I am on board 100 percent. If there ever comes a time when it seems the government starts to apply pressure, you should let the boards know as I am certain that are any number of us that can lend various skills to your aid.

  4. anonymous-9961 says:


    I have a situation that seems impossible.

    My oldest son lives with my ex-wife and they live 1000 miles away from me. My son is obese at 10 years old already has gyno and I fear for him as he reaches the age of puberty. When he is with me I have him take Omega 3’s, Coconut oil, DIMM, and reservatol. His mom does not support any of this and he won’t take things without being reminded.

    I see him for a month at a time 2x a year and for a week an additional time. Do you have any suggestions? This is a reach I know.

  5. mikmar says:

    Finally…An article addressing the fact that there are real-life health benefits to steroid usage. If this approach had been taken many years ago, the vilification of steroids may be a fraction of what it is today. Nice work, Eric.

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