Leading the Steroid Revolution

Leading the Steroid Revolution

What makes a steroid revolution?

As a general rule, if you are 100% better at something, you are evolutionary. If you are 1,000% better, you are revolutionary.

Since the mid 90’s, we’ve seen a number of companies bring evolutionary products to the market, including Biotest, Ergopharm, Molecular Nutrition and many others along the way. However, nothing has quite been revolutionary, nor have we seen much development since the major “pro-hormone” ban in 2004.

Technologically our new delivery system is going to be about 10x better than our previous version of Liqua-Vade, making the AndroSeries easily 1,000% better than its predecessors or the nearest competition. This technology allows the specifically chosen natural steroids to be delivered orally at a rate of 75-85% — with biological effects calculated down to the milligram – so we can predict the exact effects relative to actual injectable steroids.

But the fuel behind the fire is more than just technology – there is ideology.

Steroids for the Heart, Mind & Muscle

Our definition of a “steroid” is a hormone that is naturally produced by the body. We aren’t talking about synthetic chemically modified steroids – like the toxic methylated steroids that are almost single handedly responsible for creating the negative stigma around the word “steroid”. We are talking about natural steroids, and don’t forget, testosterone is a steroid.

Now forget the media’s spin of the word “steroid” and consider ours –

Steroids for the Heart, Mind and Muscle

The phrase could be taken literally if you like. However, our definition is more abstract. We chose to define it with timeless human attributes –

Heart = Honorable, warm and spirited.
Mind = Logical, purposeful and dignified
Muscle = Rugged, independent and powerful

To us, this is the true definition of a Testosterone fueled man – which anyone can willfully become.

But let me make something very clear.

We aren’t saying that steroids will give you these qualities. No, that would be obscene. We only hope that the statement will inspire you to fulfill these qualities – as a moral reminder, each time you face a challenge, opportunity or reward.

Steroids saving America

Vice President Joe Biden testifying before congress on steroids, a qyote from the movie Bigger, Stronger, Faster: “There is something un-American about this.”  What America has this man been residing in?

Senator Joe Biden once said steroids are “un-American”.

What America was he talking about?

Steroids are the sovereign juice that fueled the formation of America. If it wasn’t for the testosterone pulsing through the veins of the Patriots, the American Revolution never would have happened. It’s testosterone that fuels the hard working blue collar American – it fuels us during a time of recession and difficult times – and fuels us to get back up again.

If anything, this nation is currently a little short on steroids. We are in a time where testosterone levels have continued to decline each and every decade — while depression, sexual impotence and obesity related diseases continue to increase.

Are steroids going to save us?

They already are.

Obesity, diabetes, impotence, depression, and muscle wasting diseases — all being treated with steroids. (1-4)

Perhaps the slogan “Steroids for the Heart, Mind and Muscle” was a literal statement after all – Or perhaps it’s something bigger – Perhaps it’s the beginning of a steroid revolution.

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Birth of the AndroSeries

I can recall May 15th, 2010 pretty well.

I was outside the Primordial Performance office in Portland OR with one of the original Primordial Performance investors Dustin Adler, talking about the future of the company. The discussion wasn't really about Dustin's financial interest since he had already sold off his personal shares. He was really just obsessed with business and wanted to get a feel for the core concept of the company.

"Do you feel the business is doing well?" Dustin asked me.

"Yeah, our products are pretty solid, people like them, and as soon as we pay down some of our debt we should be able to release some new products" I replied, keeping a positive spin on the question.

Dustin slowed his walk. "Do you think Primordial is the greatest in the world at what it offers?" he asked inquisitively.

Greatest at what? I thought. I took a moment to think of a worthy reply. Dustin was a longtime friend and someone I respected very much. He had insightful information on a wide variety of topics, and always had a good sense – I knew the question was leading to something.

Before I could reply, he stopped, looked straight at me, and gave me a few words I would never forget –

"Eric, if everyone at PP is going to work 80 hours per week and pour every ounce of their life into this company shouldn't it be the greatest in at least something? If you aren't distinguishing yourself then this company just isn't that special, or its not taking big enough bets. It's time to break out or get out"

It was a challenge and it struck me like a bolt of lightning.

I understood what he meant and he was right. I was dwindling and not seizing opportunity to its fullest extent. Our products were good, but they could be so much better.

But what exactly could we or should we be the greatest in the world at? We had always worked towards the concept of having a great "men's health company", but that concept was so vague. We needed something more specific. I scanned my brain for the most noteworthy products we had developed since we started, and it was clear – Primordial Performance is in the business of selling steroids.

Definition of Greatness

With a clear objective in mind, it was time to figure out what defined the world's greatest steroid.

People's goals are different, so there would be no single greatest steroid. I also knew greatness couldn't simply be defined as simply being the most powerful. Methyltrienbolone is the most powerful anabolic steroid ever created, 300x stronger than testosterone, but it can't actually be used without causing severe liver and kidney damage – and that's not so great.

Considering the goals of most users, we decided the greatest steroids in the world must meet the following requirements:

  • Powerful
  • Safe
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable
  • Legal
  • Supported by the Manufacturer

Entrenched in R&D

Suddenly, life had renewed purpose and inspiration — Project AndroSeries was underway.

I arranged a meeting with our outside consultants and manufacturing team. The message was loud and clear 

"We are going to produce the greatest steroidal formula the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industry has ever seen. We are pulling all stops and fully investing all resources"

I gathered every pertinent study I had and began tuning my steroidal cerebral. I tracked down over 200 full text scientific references on the pertinent topics – bioavailability, metabolism, pharmacokinetics, bio-equivalency, biological effects and more.
We had a number of goals to accomplish with this project, the most notable being –

A product that rivals the effectiveness and safety of injectable steroids
A series of products that can be stacked according to anabolic/androgenic preference
An oral delivery system that effectively delivers naturally occurring steroids
Increased cost effectiveness and safety over any other available steroid preparation
Portability and convenient dosing (softgels)
A product with a defendable legal status

At the peak of my research I had gathered so many papers, graphs, experimental notes, and info from outside consultants that I hired a personal secretary just to organize and record the information into an organized format.

Steroids & Legal Issues

As of 2011, nearly all "anabolic steroids" have been made illegal by the US congress. Anything that's not on the ban list, is still deemed illegal by default if it binds to the androgen receptor and has androgenic or anabolic effects. And if the compound is an anabolic steroid it isn't DSHEA or compliant with the FDA, DEA and USADA.

The steroid known as dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is explicitly exempted from the Anabolic Steroid Control Act, because it does not activate the androgen receptor in its original DHEA form – therefore it's not an anabolic steroid – that is, until it converts.

In other words, even though DHEA has anabolic and androgenic effects those effects are not seen until it's activated in the human body. Plus, because DHEA is a naturally occurring component in the food supply, it's legal to sell as a dietary supplement.

Plain old DHEA

As bodybuilders found out over a decade ago, regular DHEA is a poor mass builder, even if you take tons of it.

The theory was that since it converts to testosterone at a rate of about 1%, you can take enough of it to build muscle – but regular DHEA has several problems that prevent it from being a truly effective anabolic agent, explained briefly below –

Limitations of Standard DHEA

DHEA, less known as 5-DHEA, has several limitations that
prevent it from being a solid mass builder.

Problem #1 – Bioavailability & Absorption.
The bioavailability of DHEA is only about 2-3% (1) – and we fixed that problem with Liqua-Vade HTC — but there were still two major issues preventing DHEA from being an effective muscle builder.

Problem #2 – Calorie Burn Off.
The double bond in the 5th position makes the molecule very thermogenic with a tendency to increase the metabolism to burn off calories by heat generation by conversion to 7-oxo-DHEA. (2) This thermogenic effect makes the metabolism inefficient for muscle building because it burns calories off as heat rather than partitioning them towards muscle.

Double bond in the 5th position

This effect would make DHEA a great recomposition agent, but a poor size or strength builder.

Problem #3 – Limited Anabolic Potency.
The double bond in the 5th position of regular DHEA also limits its anabolic potential. The main metabolite of DHEA is 5-androstenediol – which is a much weaker androgen than 4-androstenediol. Therefore, by moving the double bond over to the 4th position –
creating 4-DHEA – it becomes an immediate precursor to 4-androstenediol and the anabolic potential is greatly enhanced. (3-4)

Double bond in the 4th position

It was clear to us that small modifications could be made to the DHEA molecule that would have big improvements on its biological effects – yet keeping its basic "DHEA" structure for legality purposes. The entire AndroSeries would be based around specifically chosen DHEA derivatives delivered in our latest generation of Liqua-Vade HTC – The result of which would blow away our previous generation of steroidal products.

After thousands of hours of focused R&D, I was ready to present the formula to the board of directors.

Making the pitch – Against all odds

The board meeting wasn't so much for approval as it was for moral support. I made the pitch to the board. Then the shots came…

"You understand these products will be too expensive right?"

"We can offer a payment plan. Besides, plenty of guys already pay over several hundred dollars a month for injectable gear or TRT prescriptions, and this will be more convenient and cost effective." I replied.

"You understand the FDA or DEA will come after us once they hear the word ‘steroid' right?"

"The ingredients are DSHEA compliant and the word ‘steroid' is not illegal. We will have our position papers ready" I replied.

"You understand that if this product actually works big pharma is going to crush you right?"

"We will have an attorney armed and ready. If they try to bully us we will fight back." I replied.

"You understand that our credit is exhausted and it would take over 2 years to raise the funds to produce these products right?"

"Yes, that is why we will run a massive discontinuation sale on all current pro-hormone products to raise the capitol." I replied.

On Sept 12th 2010 we launched the Pro-hormone discontinuation sale. It created the biggest uproar Primordial Performance had ever seen. Accusations and rumors flew – "PP is selling out!", "It's a hostile takeover!", "They've been busted by the feds!", and "they are bluffing!" – none of it was true.

One thing was clear, this was going to be the most revolutionary thing Primordial Performance would ever do. This was the beginning of the AndroSeries.


Read more about the products here –

AndroHard ANDRO Hard AndroMass ANDRO Mass AndroLean ANDRO Lean

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Are you Ready for the Andro Series?

The release of the Andro Series Project is right around the corner and is going to be a steroidal breakthrough in the supplement industry. Each compound is a Metabolic Steroid and will elicit a host of effects such as; improved metabolic rate for losing body fat, increased anabolism for accruing lean muscle mass, heightened sexual prowess for intimacy, and improved self-confidence. What there won’t be are numerous hazardous side effects that are commonly seen with the current line of designer steroids and illegal anabolic steroids. The Andro Series has been meticulously formulated to avoid excessive stress on the liver, kidneys and heart. However, please don’t mistake a lack of side effects for a lack of results. Delivery is everything when it comes to a product being active and effective, and we have established the best in oral delivery and bio-availability.

Stack AndroMASS with AndroHARD for extreme muscular weight gain

I would like to prepare you for how to optimize and maximize your experience when incorporating the Andro Series products into your nutrition and training regimen. I would advise anyone who has experienced a training layoff due to injury, illness or laziness to first get back into the swing of things before utilizing hormonal supplementation. You will be growing regardless so it would give Andro Series a false sense of effectiveness. Once you have hit a training and nutrition plateau then it is time to implement a steroid cycle. Depending on your goals, whether it is ultimate muscle gain or extreme fat-loss you must choose the proper products to accommodate your target goal. For extreme muscular weight gain, stacking Andro Mass with Andro Hard would provide an ideal hormonal environment. The Andro Mass would be the “meat and potatoes” of the stack, yielding high conversions to Testosterone and DihydroBoldenone. Testosterone needs no description as it is the most widely used steroid available. It is known to enhance muscle mass, increase fat-loss, and raise sex drive. DihydroBoldenone is a 5-aplha-reduced form of the steroid boldenone. It elicits mild androgenic traits and is a potent anabolic. It has been reported to bind aggressively to the androgen receptor eliciting minimal androgenic side effects and substantial transcriptional gene activity that induces extreme muscle growth. The Andro Hard will convert into DHT at a high rate, so androgenic effects will be achieved. Andro Hard displays powerful characteristics such as: an increase in strength, sex drive, and mental focus for rigorous training sessions.

AndroMASS will induce –

  • High anabolic activity
  • No toxic side effects
  • Increased muscle hardness
  • Muscular weight gain
  • Superior delivery of hormones

AndroHARD will induce –

  • Profound vascularity
  • Gyno protection
  • Magnified sex drive
  • Increased aggression
  • Superior delivery of hormones

What is the optimal nutrition plan for this mass gaining cycle?

Now that you know how these 2 products can help you in your plight for extreme mass gaining, it is on you to implement proper training and nutrition to potentiate the effects of the steroid cycle. I will not expand too much on the nutritional aspect of utilizing this stack for muscular weight gain, but I will briefly touch base on a few key dieting recommendations. Make sure to structure your meals and plan ahead so you can stay consistent with no excuses. Create a nutrition plan that coincides with your body type. Meaning, if you are an ectomorph, you can get by with a higher influx of carbohydrates (400-600 grams) and dietary fat than an endomorphic body type. The mesomorph and endomorph would benefit greatly from a modest allotment of quality carbohydrates (150-300 grams) and using essential fatty acids for their fat sources. All body types would need to adjust their protein intake depending on body weight and their carbohydrate and dietary fat requirements. A good rule of thumb for mass gaining is to ingest 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight. You may ask, “Why only 1.5 grams?” That is because you have adequate fat and carbohydrates to spare the protein.

Which body type are you?

Next, we will go over the goal of extreme fat-loss. Andro Hard stacked with Andro Lean would be the weapons of choice to accomplish such a goal. The Andro Lean is equipped with Super-7-Dhea, which will increase fat loss 3 times more than diet and exercise alone. Super-7-Dhea will increase fat oxidation through the mitochondria from increased thyroid output from elevated T3 levels. However, thyroid stimulating hormone and T4 levels will remain unchanged, so thyroid suppression is not an issue. Super-5-Dhea is also included to keep testosterone levels elevated for muscle preservation and increased sex drive when going on a reduced calorie diet. The ectomorph body type once again can have more liberty with their carbohydrate allotment (200-300 grams) while cutting, but keep dietary fat lower so calories are in a deficit. Cardio is usually something ectomorphs don’t have to worry about, but for general health, it is recommended 3-4 times a week for at least 20 minutes. The mesomorph would diet best on medium to low carbohydrates (100-200 grams) incorporated around training, while ingesting protein with essential fatty acids at other meals of the day. Cardio performed 5 times a week, starting at 20 minutes a day is recommended. The endomorphic body type usually responds well to very low carbohydrate intake (30-75 grams) while keeping essential fatty acids in the diet. Cardio will be a key factor in getting lean with endomorph’s, so I would recommend starting off with 30 minutes a day, 6-7 times a week. When starting a cutting phase, protein intake should get ramped up since carbohydrates and fats are reduced. I recommend 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight and adjust accordingly from there. As far as weight training is concerned, I like to see people whether dieting or bulking to base their workouts around basic free weight movements. Squats, (back and front) dead lifts, (all variations) Incline barbell and dumb bell bench presses, standing barbell curls, and bent over barbell rows should all be staples if you have no injuries inhibiting you from executing such crucial exercises.

AndroLEAN will induce –

  • Increased active thyroid output (T3)
  • Increased fatty acid uncoupling
  • Mild conversions to testosterone
  • Non stimulant thermogenesis
  • Superior delivery of hormones

It should be no surprise that having your Post Cycle Therapy planned ahead of time is always recommended. You should never start a steroid cycle without having all ancillary products and post cycle products in your possession from the beginning. There are some very effective products that stand out when choosing a proper PCT protocol. If you choose a pharmaceutical, Toremifene would be a good choice. D-aspartic-acid also has proven itself effective alongside a natural SERM-like supplement, such as Trans-Resveratrol. I would recommend running your Post Cycle Therapy for at least 4 weeks to ensure adequate recovery of natural hormones.

Toremifene molecular structure shown above:

In closing, please understand that you need to plan your steroid cycles carefully and never go into it and “wing it.” Plot out your nutrition protocol, training regimen, and PCT accordingly. Keep in mind you are suppressing your endogenous production of natural hormones so make the absolute most of your next cycle.


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