Pomegranate Juice Increases Male Fertility

Pomegranate Juice Increases Male FertilityJan 7th, 2010 – Pomegranate juice is rich with vitamin C and polyphenolic compounds such as anthocyanins, punicalagin, ellagic and gallic acid. It is well known that these nutrients are powerful anti-oxidants which suppress and scavenge damaging free radicals – which now appear to play an important role in enhancing the health and mobility of sperm. (1)

A recent study with male rats demonstrated that 7 weeks of pomegranate consumption increased spermatogenic cell density, epididymal sperm concentration, sperm motility and decreased abnormal sperm rate, and serum testosterone levels – all important parameters of male fertility.

Sperm are especially sensitive to oxidative damage from free radicals because of the unsaturated fatty acid composition in their outer membrane. When the sperm’s membrane becomes damaged by free radicals it decreases its viability. In extreme cases, excessive free radical damage can completely inhibit spermatogenesis. (2)

Sperm are always going to generate free radicals through their natural metabolism, so it’s important to supplement the diet with potent anti-oxidants to allow the body to properly protect itself.

-Eric Potratz

Founder & President

References –

1. Effects of pomegranate juice consumption on sperm quality, spermatogenic cell density, antioxidant activity and testosterone level in the male rat.

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Clinical Nutrition (2008) 27, 289.297

2. The impact of oxidants on sperm functions.

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